Electricity is evolving every second. From discoveries and experiments to newer and healthier methods to place in your home, the growth and knowledge on this topic will not cease to end. The more research done into this matter, the crazier it is to think that not everyone has switched their daily necessities over yet.

Whether it is out of fear or a general misunderstanding, some people stick with what they know, even if it is damaging in the long run. An example of that is the decision to use fluorescent lightbulbs compared to LED lighting. Most homes support fluorescent lighting as it has been in use for over 100 years. However, this type of lighting is archaic next to LED lighting.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Discovered back in the 1800s, the concept of lightbulbs was discovered by Humphry Davy. Although not the first official lightbulb creator, he brought scientists the notion that light can be human-made. Further on, Thomas Edison invented the first working lightbulb, and since then, society has adapted it into their routine. However, as time goes on, scientists are discovering the harms fluorescent lightbulbs are causing. There is toxic mercury inside the bulbs to mediate the power bursting inside them. This chemical is hazardous to humans and the environment.

Another fact about this type of lighting is that it does not last very long. The energy the bulb uses to start the lighting process weakens over time. When you flip the switch to your fluorescent light, you are killing it with every switch.

Another thing to contemplate is that you have a small ball of UV radiation lighting up your home. These lightbulbs are old-fashioned. As research continues to grow in this subject, discontinuing fluorescent lightbulbs would be the better choice overall for home, family, and the environment.

LED Lighting

On the opposite margin of the scale, we have LED lighting. Nick Holonyak discovered this type of lighting in 1962 and since then has revolutionized modern lighting. The light didn’t take hold until later, but once people became aware of such a product, more and more homes acquired this product.

LED lighting is a straightforward form of electricity that does not emit harmful radiation or dump toxic waste into the environment. They are long-lasting and do not require constant upkeep or changing of bulbs. These lights handle their own business and stay bright for a substantial amount of time. They are energy efficient, and the maintenance cost for any issue is low. This is cost-effective, energy-efficient, and provides one with a healthy home environment.

In other words, switching to LED lighting will have your home brighter, healthier, and free of any unwanted chemicals while also being cheap for the high-quality light it produces. Another exciting fact about LED lighting is the ability to switch colors! Using a switchboard, hook your LED lights up and program them to dance in a rainbow of colors! Of course, this is a bit of a feat for a novice electrician, but it never hurts to get assistance as it is cheaper than buying new fluorescent bulbs daily.


After all the information, it is pretty easy to say that LED lighting is the new, revolutionized way to light your home. Now one may be thinking it is a difficult task to complete but fear not! There are many types of businesses and companies designed to help you with precisely that. If you are looking for electricians in your area with professionalism and knowledge, NZ electricians will help you achieve your goals. With only the best electricians to dispatch, setting up LED lighting with switchboards and more will be easy and allow you to obtain the healthy home you have always wanted.

From lighting your home up in a bright purple haze to classic white for studies and more, the diversity and safety this type of lighting offers are better than anything on the market at this moment. Make the switch confidently and hire professional electricians to perform these tasks, and for further peace of mind, choose the best electrical installation company around!

Overall, both types of lighting do get the job done, however, LED lighting is more cost-effective and energy-efficient. It is long-lasting, and you won’t be spending hundreds a year to upkeep lighting in your home. Make the switch today and hire DJ Spark Certified electricians to help you in the process of making your home a happier, brighter, and healthier place.