Bad habits that could burn your house down

It doesn’t take much time for a flame to turn into a fire and burn everything down. We all admire the ease that our electric appliances bring to us. However, we are also sometimes unaware of the horrible incidents associated with them. We always advice to hire a electrician that is qualified to carry out some appliance fittings at your home.

Seems like the appliances are the real culprit? Well, it is not the appliances burning places down, but your negligence and bad habits.

Not really aware of the bad habits you are carrying with you?

Here are the top bad habits; you can change to avoid burning your house down.

7 habits that can burn down the house

Fire safety is one of the essentials for the house. So, check out the list of bad habits below, and if you are guilty of them, start changing from today!

Neglecting Appliance Recalls:

More than half of the fires are caused because of defective appliances. Register your appliance with the manufacturer to stay on top of recalls and avoid disaster in your house.

Misusing Electric Blankets:

A warm and soothing electric blanket is a welcome luxury in the winter, but it may also be a fire threat if used incorrectly. Allowing pets to snuggle on top is not a smart idea, and placing more blankets on top of the electric blanket can result in a fire.

Use the lowest setting on your electric blanket, never bend the coils, and turn it off first thing in the morning.

Letting Your Device Overheat:

If you possess a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, you are well aware of how hot they can get. You run the danger of blocking airflow via the cooling vents if you put your laptop on your bed, couch, rug, or other soft, combustible surface.

This might cause your laptop to overheat and possibly catch fire. Keep your smartphone on a desk or table instead to avoid fires.

Using Too Many Extension Cords:

Extension cables are intended to be a temporary fix for a lack of electrical outlets rather than a long-term solution. Here’s why: Connecting a large number of cords for an extended period of time can result in an overload, which can lead to a short circuit, which can start a fire.

If you need more outlets, get a trained electrician to install them, so you don’t have to deal with this issue.

Leaving Cooking in the Kitchen Unattended:

Cooking (especially unsupervised cooking) is by far the leading cause of house fires. It only takes a few seconds for neglected cooking practice to catch fire. The most dangerous one is to fry something.

Thanksgiving is the busiest day for home cooking fires; therefore, you should be extra cautious on that day. Never leave cooking unattended, and if you intend to fry or BBQ, an outdoor cooking arrangement is preferable.

Performing DIYs You’re Not Qualified to Do:

As gas leaks and electrical sparks caused by poor installation are a significant cause of house fires, jobs requiring electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC equipment should always be completed by a certified professional electricians Auckland.

Hire a licensed professional instead of risking your house and family by attempting these unsafe DIYs on your own.

Ignoring Uninvited Guests:

Mice and other rodents bite on electrical cables to keep their teeth from becoming too long. They can eventually remove the coating, exposing the wires.

Unfortunately, the electric current that passes through the wire produces heat, which, in the absence of sheathing, could result in sparks from short circuits, which could ignite the surrounding surfaces. Call a professional exterminator right once if you suspect a rodent problem.

Overheated laptops:

The laptop is the one device that we take for granted most of the time. It usually causes a fire if you work laying on the bed and keep it on the cushions or other flammable stuff.

The blockage of the proper airflow through the cooling vents of the laptop causes it to overheat and sometimes results in a huge fire. So, always prefer to keep your laptops on a flat surface, preferably a wooden table.

Bottom line

When it comes to a fire in your house, mistakes happen. But being prepared and proactive can save your life.

So, keep these habits in mind and do your best to avoid them at any cost. Besides, if you are no expert in installing electrical appliances or fixing electrical wires at your place, it is always helpful to call a professional like DJ spark. They have experts who can replace faulty electric wires and fix them to provide house safety. We have electricians available near you (electricians north shore, electricians east Auckland, electricians West Auckland and Electricians South Auckland).